OctoPress improves website speeds and improves overall search engine optimisation (SEO) for websites like yours.

The Mission

OctoPress is a part of Whisk Creative Limited. After providing website optimisation services as part of web development packages, I realised there was an opportunity for businesses to use a one-time service to improve their website optimisation and in turn, improve their search presence, conversion and customer base.


The name OctoPress is fun and I wanted to extend that into the visual identity of the website. With this in mind, I opted for larger typography and fun animations for an immersive, lighthearted feel to the website.


While the concept is simple, the build is slightly complex to ensure the most accurate, accessible results for potential clients. The main website is built on WordPress and Woocommerce and the tool itself is built using custom PHP and employs APIs to deliver the results.


The website has been a great success with a number of businesses improving their web presence overnight. The site audit tool provies a one stop resource for guidance, support, and a practical solution to problems with SEO and search presence.


Services Provided